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As we move into the next technological industrial revolution, AI has evolved as the next big initiative that is helping companies in all industries. From Apple’s SIRI to Tesla’s self-driving cars, AI can encompass anything from Google’s Search Algorithm to IBM Watson. The primary goal of AI is to reduce the intervention of humans and completely transform businesses through automation.

Although initially, the pillars of development for AI was machine learning and cloud computing, however, these are evolving and together they’re deploying processes such as data mining, natural language processing, virtual agents; bridging the gap between humans and machines. Apart from these, they’re also heavily involved with deep learning which operates on algorithms based on the function of the human brain, commonly termed as an artificial neural network.

Now that all businesses are heavily involved in using AI, many times leaders aren’t sure where to start. Appian Infotech provides precise strategic consulting that requires SME and technology experts to lead the companies towards solving their problems. We make AI and data science more accessible, affordable and efficient. We facilitate our clients by either improving your present capacities or by providing resources to enhance your current abilities or take care of all your AI needs by designing, building and optimizing your custom model.

Our AI Offerings

Our AI Solutions services are extending from implementing a new project in your organization to providing qualified consultants to enhance the abilities of your existing team.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Helps you to gather insights across various data sources and make the decision-making process accurate and outcomes more reliable.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Let us help you in implementing and mastering the art of human behavior to personalize those customer interactions to increase more engagement for your business.

Computer Vision - AI Solutions

Computer Vision

We help you develop and implement solutions by integrating vision services in addition to existing systems to identify algorithms, anomalies and user groups.

Predictive Modelling - AI Solutions

Predictive Modelling

Appian Infotech provides you scalable solutions to deploy to gain functional insights into your pre-existing data, processes, customers, and markets. This helps you to minimize the risk by anticipating trends and increased capabilities to venture into more profitable business outcomes

How can we help ?

We engage our foresighted tech team to deliver and build an end to end AI models all across the industries such as finance, education, healthcare, gaming, manufacturing, and technology. Our services help you to leverage AI to reinvent smarter solutions for your workflows and technology. With our highly skilled crew of programmers and AI experts, we design and deploy AI-powered solutions to solve your real-life problems. We have assisted with a variety of enterprises to deliver custom-built solutions – from chatbots to vision systems.

Our expanse of AI solutions extends to Machine learning, NLP, Computer Vision and Predictive modeling that help to create competitive business solutions. We help in implementing a program from scratch for your organizations or help you with resources that will help your existing team. Some of the common use cases we’ve implemented in verticals of Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Finance have been fraud detection, cross-sell, customer segmentation and many others

Technologies we use to create and craft masterpieces for our clients:


Python, C++, Java, Object C

Frameworks and Libraries

Core ML, Tensor Flow, Natural Language Toolkit


Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS

Here’s how AI is helping the industry

Helps to automate regular activities and self teaches it on routine tasks

AI, since is different from hardware robotic automation performs high volume computerized tasks without getting tired. However, these tasks still need to be set up by humans. It helps to keep human beings out of the redundant regular tasks by constantly learning from its code.

Quicker adaptation through progressive learning algorithms

Have you ever noticed the product suggestions by Amazon or Google based on your search history? That is the AI learning the algorithm and the models adapting with new data and existing data. Its scope also incorporates back propagation which is a technique that allows models to adjust through training and new data when the first answer isn’t quite right.

Incredible accuracy with the capability of becoming intellectual property

By training the algorithm continuously with more data the AI becomes more accurate. These are the same techniques of deep learning that is now used to find cancer on MRI’s with the same accuracy as the radiologists. With time, when these algorithms are self-learning, the data becomes an intellectual property and creates a competitive advantage.

Enhances Intelligence

AI helps to enhance the intelligence to existing consumer goods. For instance, SIRI was added as an additional feature to the newer generation Apple products, or Face Recognition. Automation, platforms, bots help to improve existing technologies at home and at work from Security intelligence (face recognition) to investment analysis.

Analyses deeper data within the same network

 Using the neural networks AI can penetrate into more hidden layers of data. This has helped to build a detection system with five hidden layers, which was a far cry dream years ago. This significant change has been credited to the power of big data and computer. The deep learning models are becoming increasingly better because we’re feeding more and more data and as a result, they’re becoming more and more accurate.

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