Enterprise grade Custom Software, Web, and Mobile Applications

Application Development & Integration

With the onset of newgen industrialization, the firms are constantly changing due to new technologies or disruptive business models. The need to sustain and compete on a global level has never been so difficult, these scenarios are driving CXO’s and leaders to reorganize their enterprise IT management across people, process and technology to adopt present-day methods of delivering application development, and build scalable, user friendly models to meet the dynamic change of the market.

Appian Infotech is a digital enablement firm that provides disruptive digital services that are tailor-made to automate processes, reduce the cost and time for managerial personnel.  Our services are designed to enhance the technical support and the next-gen tech solutions for our clients on their existing IT infrastructure. Our experts are adept to design and implement solutions that are comprehensive for a wide range of business

What you can expect

  • Purposeful, powerful and protected solutions that integrate the technologies required with the practicalities of fulfilling your business requirements.
  • Agile and flexible solutions to help sustain any disruptions.
  • Digitally empowered businesses with real-time insights across multiple systems.
  • A carefully leveraged integration by keeping in mind the current application investment.
  • Automation of businesses with the integration of front and backend systems
  • Promotion of interoperability and collaboration with employees, clients, stakeholders, and partners.

Enterprise system integration challenges:

  • The dilemma of multiple systems creating confusion and obstruct decision-making capacities and productivity capabilities.
  • Scattered workflow due to multiple systems coexisting in an organization
  • A common integrating enterprise system that brings together all the varied functionalities, locations, departments and stages of projects centrally.
  • Development of a cohesive IT infrastructure that promotes the performance of multiple and varied tasks simultaneously.
  • Procuring unified access to data pertaining to various departments, sectors, database in the mesh of fragmented systems.
  • Continuous innovations in technology leading to a complex mix of tech, platforms, and applications.
  • Diverse products being used for a single project creating scattered workflows.

Our capabilities

The times have changed customized solution are the lifeline of every organization which provides them access to different categories of data to your end users and enables them to make an accurate analysis and undertake timely transactions. Appian Infotech’s Application development integration, DevOps and Big data experts enable comprehensive system solutions for a number of business initiatives such as client-server or web-based application, ground-up development projects, open source solutions, integration projects, application optimization, CRM, and industry-specific development.

Irrespective of the issue Appian Infotech helps to effectively develop, integrate and manage applications across varied industries and organizational coordination. Since these applications are used by every employee and business process, a continuous check is critical along with an effective application management strategy. We help our clients to adapt and build enterprise architectures that connect varied systems and manage information.

We work closely with the business leaders to eliminate technical jargon, miscommunication and establishing clear goals to create a space where ideas can thrive.

Our Application Development and Integration solutions include:

  • Enterprise Application Development: Gone are the days for custom-built software, the game has changed and now the era is for a custom made enterprise application designed and implemented keeping in mind the needs of the organization. Our team helps to design solutions for enterprise application development that focuses on achieving and sustaining high performances and reduce the overhead cost. Our solutions focus on:

–    Business analysis

–    Evaluation of platforms and software needs

–    Custom Design and Upgrade

–    Migration and Training

–    Maintenance and Support

  • CRM Consulting: Irrespective where you’re at in the business, a sound CRM system helps to collate the scattered data and act as a middle man between various departments. Appian Infotech helps you to choose the best tool amongst the best ones in the market like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce and implement them into your organization. Our professionals unite the technical functionalities to the business standpoints and help you work on sophisticated projects that seamlessly integrate your company’s data into the CRM system. Our array of services include:

–    CRM Consulting

–    CRM implementation

–    CRM Training

–    CRM Support and Maintenance

  • ERP Consulting: A rough estimation suggests that about 60% of ERP implementations fail to meet their objectives. A significant challenge in this area is to identify measure and manage the risks that the organization would face; another addition is the lack of integration between people, process and technology. Any unmanaged risk is translated as a missed opportunity for a business to transform and improve processes and operations. A successful ERP implementation boosts revenues and cuts costs resulting in a healthy ROI and a stronger organization. It also helps to efficiently and effectively deploys plan of action without increasing the overheads budget within an organization. It allows a sustainable and stable growth also helps you to set an example of best practices in the industry.

What’s included in the ERP services:

–    ERP implementation

–    Operation and Maintenance

–    ERP Health check and Project Recovery

–    Training and Maintenance Support

  • Application Integration: Transform your enterprise and integrate your varied systems. As the world moves towards the direction of technology, it has become a key driver for any business transformation and to standardize, balance and innovate various processes. A key factor in technology delivery is the convergence point of all big data, mobility, cloud computing, and social networking. If at this hour your firm’s applications aren’t talking to each other, you might be missing out on various opportunities in the market by not utilizing the existing data assets. Integration chaos targets the additional operating costs and complexities and the lack of connectivity between existing systems can cause a lack of real-time information sync and dispersion.Appian Infotech helps companies to realize their true potential by supporting integration projects and connecting hardware, legacy systems along with business processes with the changing technology and advanced digital platforms. Our services include

–    Platform Integration

–    Data integration

–    Component Integration

–    Process Integration

–    Application integration

  • Dev Ops Consulting: Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. A recent Gartner report suggests that high performing organizations outperform their counterparts leaving a mark on healthy competitions in the market. The growing organizations are admitting the pace of change of technology and embracing DevOps to enhance their collaboration between development and operations. DevOps is the need of the hour for the business firm as to stay competitive and to deliver projects at a much faster velocity as against traditional method. Appian Infotech has experience in enabling businesses into implementing their DevOps program and also in continuous integration and delivery. We bring in experts in deployment with hands-on experience in the Cloud network helping to build scalable projects which are well tested, high-quality applications. Our services include:

–    DevOps automation and consulting

–    Hire a DevOps Engineer

–    Continuous integration and Delivery

–    Deployment and Implementation

–    Security and Maintenance Support

Our approach:

–    Strategy and Health check: The first step is to assess the current capabilities of an organization. A business case is prepared along with an audit to roadmap the business goals.

–    Technology and Development: The expert talent at Appian Infotech helps to comprehend and choose the type of automation and cloud-native technologies that are required to execute defined strategy and roadmap. While we’re at this we’re constantly designing your current process and workload to allow it to integrate with the DevOps and cloud tools seamlessly.

–    Operation management and Continuous Improvement: Appian Infotech also establishes automated monitoring and reporting to measure performance and operational visibility. Once the implementation is complete, we become an extension of your team by managing the new automated operations, delivery, productivity, and security.