Training & Staffing.



Do you realize what makes your peer better at their business than you?

It’s the human resource and training that sets every firm at the level where they exist today. You could invest millions into a venture but it could still fail if your organization doesn’t employ quality candidates and moreover invest in keeping them updated through regular training sessions. Success is the intersection where technology meets strategy and the right human resource. In the mad race where unemployment is at highest on a global level, there’s also a stark shortage of quality talent within the organizations. Here’s where Appian Infotech extends their industry expertise and a pre-screened pool of candidates to our clients to not only brace the today but empower them to take a leap into the future.

Appian Infotech’s talent and training solutions help to bridge the gap between the unique skills demanded by the market and the talent force available within the market. We provide assistance in helping you tackle those challenges by casting the net a little wider through our impaneled candidates and social media recruiting. From a single consultant to a full team, we’ll find the perfect match to your staffing needs.

Why adding a staffing agency a better strategy?

Sourcing and placing quality candidates is a full-time job and the supply-demand chart for the talent force market is in disequilibrium, i.e. the demand is more than the supply. This has increased the workload of the HR teams in most offices along with their routine responsibilities. A right staffing partner can be a strategic move where the former can extend their expertise and help to find the right resource for the client. A more informed viewpoint is explained below:

  • Shortage in the talent force market:

From finding the top-notch executive talent to an entry-level role, finding candidates in finance, healthcare, IT and manufacturing has been tough the last couple years. These are passive candidates who are hard to find, here a staffing agency becomes a bridge between such candidates and clients who are looking for these people.

  • Allocation of Resources to other duties:

A growing business demands time and resources for big picture initiatives; adding vendor can help to fast track recruitment process, along with reducing administrative costs. An intelligent strategy is to identify a partner who specializes in identifying and sourcing talent.

  • Reduce your time to fill on roles:

An additional requirement of time on any project can cost your company more money than it makes. Recruitment is no different than a project in the company, an unfilled role can add more expenses to the company along with wasted productivity for existing workers. Staffing firms can help to reduce the time to fill on important roles and can onboard talent quicker

  • Specialization:

A diamond cutter becomes skilled with time and specialization. Similarly, a staffing firm enjoys specialization of locating crucial talent through their networks and specialization of placing talent with other clients.

  • Save your investments:

Summing up the above reasons, staffing partners helps to reduce significant costs by eliminating unnecessary procedures for existing employees and freeing them for more substantial tasks at hand. Appian Infotech helps to alleviate administrative duties to increase the formers access to top talent.

Why training partners are necessary?

Training represents opportunities for all employees to extend their knowledge and a reason to retain resources for organizations. With the current climate, a lot of companies find it expensive to initiate and implement training modules in their offices. A lot of negative flak is given since attending training means to miss out on work some days and some pending deadlines, However, the benefits outweigh the cons. The ROI received from engaging employees in regular training sessions id so great that it becomes a no-brainer to argue on that.

So, why is it a no-brainer?

Better performance – the new industrial revolution asks for a greater understanding of the responsibilities of the employees. Training helps you, as an organization to achieve that; not only it enhances the skill, it helps to improve the confidence as well.

Better employee satisfaction and morale: Although an investment, but training shows that employees are valued and models a supportive workplace. They would get access to knowledge which they wouldn’t have known otherwise. It’s a good way to make them feel appreciated and challenged, and for the organization, it results in a better retention rate.

Increased productivity: Increased productivity of employees is a by-product of training courses. This enhanced efficiency helps to ensure successful projects, helping the company to increase turnover and market share.

Better branding than advertisements: incorporating training strategy helps to develop an employer brand and a magnet for quality candidates. It enhances the public image of the company and makes it more attractive to potential recruits.

There’s a new training style around the block: Blended Learning.

A concept which is gaining mass popularity and replacing the older modes of imparting training. It is a combination of classroom and online learning, which has a wider scope of learning than traditional methods. It allows employees to learn skills flexibly and at their own pace. It’s more effective since they can track their performances and don’t need to travel and miss work for attending such courses. Appian Infotech is a digitally learning organization which recommends blended learning for organizations to save their time and costs of conducting training sessions.

How do we help?

Appian Infotech combines the intellect of man and machine to source a variety of candidates for IT roles, apart from having a pre-screened and pre-verified team of consultants on H1 visa, we also have built a wider network of active and passive candidates for various IT roles that are niche and requires some arm strength to source. We combine the practices of Digital recruiting with the traditional one to source and build an active network with our consultants. All the candidates working through Apptad are skill tested through our screening tests before getting submitted to our clients.

Once you’ve hired people, it becomes a necessity to make sure that they’re updated with the unique needs of your company. Appian Infotech training division is staffed by subject matter experts of the best leveraged IT skills with more than 10 years of experience. They provide focused training and learning solutions to help gain knowledge, sharpen skills and improve understanding. Moreover, they’re trained on their attitudes and behavior to make sure that the change management process goes down with a positive and productive attitude.

Our Training & Staffing solutions include:

  • Learning and Training:

Appian Infotech helps companies to respond to the changing market conditions by strategically deploying training modules to meet the needs of your business, minimize the employee turnover and increasing productivity

  • Contingent Staffing: We bring you solutions for your firm that are agile enough to meet the changes in the current job and talent markets. From the range of seasonal workers to professional executives, we provide talent that is rightly matched and sourced for critical business needs. The contingent workforce solutions help companies to be more flexible in their highs and lows.
  • Permanent Staffing: Appian Infotech is a center of connecting highly qualified resources to fulfill the need for a permanent resource for our clients. Since permanent staffing can be expensive for an organization, we take the responsibility of matching suitable leaders for them.
  • Executive Staffing: Senior level professionals are not available on the market actively and you won’t find their resumes on job boards. Finding the C-suite, senior level management fit isn’t an undertaking all firms have the resources to take.

Our staffing functions are currently serving:

  • Financial services industry
  • Healthcare and Life sciences
  • Technology
  • Media and Communications
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance

Our Approach:

  • Mapping individual organization & team goals: This process helps to create a working relationship with our clients and to understand their actual needs and map their workforce strategy.
  • Finding appropriate solutions: After the first exploratory call, our experts advise the client on the best-suited model for them and the pros and cons related to adapting the suggested model vs. the other models present in the market
  • Enforcing the solution and incorporating the client company’s values: After an in-depth analysis of the possible solutions, the best-suited one is enforced and the search for the consultants begins. During screening the recruitment team tries to transfer the beliefs of the clients’ companies to the employee.
  • Continuous engagement and feedback to improve the process: Our role in your company doesn’t vanquish once the role is filled, it’s an ongoing process where we keep our employee and client engagement through constructive criticism and feedback mechanism. It helps us to improve on areas we are lacking.